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What is a Tesla Model X?

The big Tesla. The one which seats seven and contains every other firm on the planet that assembles premium SUVs in a bit of a panic. Beneath, the architecture is similar to the Model S (massive battery package, electrical motors, aluminium chassis), but all Model X have been four-wheel driveway, so have double electric motors, one driving each axle.

It’s a bubble of serenity on the street, gliding superbly on its own 22-inch rims. That is a heck of a hint. It’s well behaved around corners for the large part, as each of the mass of the car is located below floor level, meaning human body control is ensured, roll is contained. But don’t push it — the wheels are a weak point, there is little steering sense and it’s colossally heavy, therefore sets a heavy burden on its own rhythms. Autonomous manner is a much better party trick than the ability to get to 62mph in under three seconds. Naturally, being electrical, there’s also a load of torque for you to browse around on.

When the thrill of using the Falcon doorways has worn off, they are slow enough to be bothersome, and those rear seats don’t supply that much headroom. Fold down them and the boot’s large, but the Model X comes over as more individuals carrier than full-house active lifestyle companion. It’s very pleased with itself. Although perhaps it deserves to be.

The driving environment is clean and open, with a windscreen that arches back on your head and that impressive 17-inch touchscreen. That can be just as much of a draw as these fancy back doors. Shame the materials and quality are more Kia than Bentley though.

Rent a Tesla Model X in Vancouver

Rent a Tesla Model X in Vancouver