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What is a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

The Land Rover Discovery Sport employs the Evoque’s chassis design, but includes a brand-new rear suspension design that is specifically been integrated to permit the packaging of seven seats as standard in each version. This itself is a significant selling point, but its own promoted further here by powerful layout speech and Land Rover’s new image that takes the Disco Sport further afield.

Only a year after launching there has been a massive change for the scope: goes the older 2.2-litre TD4 engine also in comes JLR’s brand new 2.0-litre TD4’Ingenium’ motor. This is actually the one the automobile’s been crying out for. So, can it be any good…?

Yes, in response to our query: that motor is great. It provides the performance, refinement and clatter-free quality you would expect of a premium SUV, and signifies that the Sport no longer seems like a Transit van. Such a shame it was not inside from the beginning: let us hope the version does not suffer for this. It is lovely indoors, the Disco Sport — bright, airy and less ostentatious than the Evoque, also it seems commendably well screwed together.

Focus rather on luggage and people carrying capability. Those rearmost seats are not that capacious, however, the centre row slides during a very long 160mm range, making the back row tolerable — or rather gives those from the middle row enormous leg distance. Twist those down seats and you have got between 480 and 689 minutes of boot space. All told it is a far more appealing, functional bundle compared to older Freelander.


Rent a Land Rover Discovery Sport in Vancouver
Rent a Land Rover Discovery Sport in Vancouver