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Skyline Luxury RentalsRentals prides itself on providing the highest level of professionalism to ensure your car rental experience is as memorable as possible. We value honesty and integrity and strive to ensure that each customer gets the dream experience they pay for! Our vehicles are equipped with the most technologically advanced features and customized interiors to allow you access to the best the car world has to offer.

We are dedicated to meeting your every need and strive to exceed your expectations with our top-of-the-line customer service. No matter the reason you’re visiting Vancouver, Skyline Luxury RentalsRentals has the luxury car for you.

Who is DK?

Skyline Luxury RentalsRentals was founded by local Vancouver Business Owner, DK, with big dreams and a strong passion for luxury cars. DK started out in the Construction and Renovation industry many years ago. Back then he learned the ins and outs of running his own business and quickly grew Skyline Luxury Construction to a very successful and respected company.

DK has always been an avid car enthusiast with a special interest in the BMW M cars. In his spare time he would be doing any and all things car related.

With the achievement of his construction and renovation business under his belt, DK was itching for another challenge. While at his favorite car dealership, Brian Jessel BMW, he discovered an opportunity and jumped on it. His BMW M6 that he was trading in was in very high demand in the showroom and DK realized all his years of car experience could come in handy! If his M6 was in such a high demand, why not offer it (and many other luxury vehicles) to the public so everyone could get a chance to experience the beautiful cars. At that moment, DK knew what he wanted to do. He quickly took those M6 keys back and went straight home to start his new adventure.

Similarly to DK’s construction business, Skyline Luxury RentalsRentals values each and every customer and focuses on providing highly professional, seamless service to keep you coming back for more!

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